There are actually two ways of getting a certain range of transactions.

1. You can use a date range with the parameters DateFrom and DateTo:

As usual, you have to get authorized first.

After, you may call the GetAccountsDetail with the parameters 'DateFrom' and 'DateTo' according to the desired dates.

You can also add the parameter 'AccountsFilter' if you want a date range for some specific accounts. By Default it will give you transactions from every accounts. You can learn more about this parameter here.


2. Or you can use the RefreshDelta parameter. This allows to retrieve only new transactions after a given transaction. As you can see from the request example, you have to provide a list of tuples (AccountId and TransactionId). For each account, you will get only the transactions that were made after the transaction that was specified.


So again, authorize first.

For the next step will need the Transaction Id and the Account Id.

After the Authorize, to retrieve transactions done after a specific one, you have to use the GetAccountsDetail endpoint while using the parameter 'ResfreshDelta' filled with the Transaction Id and the Account Id you want.