Flinks Connect handles credentials validation, multi-factor authentication and errors for each supported financial institution.

For accessing their financial data, end-users must follow the authorization process and in this article we have the example of each error that a end-user could face during this process and what the interface looks like.


If you enter an invalid username you will receive this message:

If you enter an invalid password, the error message will be the following:

Sometimes when you enter an invalid username or password, you may encounter a different message like the one bellow. We return the message that the financial institution returns ,so it's also possible that you get this:

When a wrong answer to a security question is entered, you will get this message :

It's possible that sometimes the financial institution is under maintenance and its services are not available. In that case we will return this message:

For the case where the account has been disabled by the financial institution, we will return the following: 

When you use the parameter maximumRetry and you've reached the actual number of tries, you'll face this screen:


You can use Flinks Capital to test these edge cases. You can find more info about steps to follow in our documentation